Science and Mass Tort Claims

Science is the catalyst for people to have mass tort claims, says consumer advocate Bill Bohack of Sarasota. In order to establish mass tort claims there must be strong indisputable science behind it, especially in the pharmaceutical claims says Bohack.

Science is what the attorneys rely on, and it is that science that the pharmaceutical companies will try to defend against. That science is often provided by the FDA after it investigates a particular drug or product.

It is up to Consumers to lodge complaints against the makers of the drugs or products, one of the best places to do that is the FDA`s website. So if you have been injured by a drug or product you need to go there and let them know what happened to you.

As a Consumer Advocate Bill Bohack made it clear that the FDA can not assist people unless they are proactive and insist that the manufacturers of  Bad Drugs and Devices can only be held accountable if people alert the FDA.

If you feel that you need to lodge a complaint with the FDA, Bill Bohack suggests that you file a complaint with a Consumer Complaint Coordinator. If you feel you need to file a complaint click here.